Partial Restoration

A partial restoration is simply restoring one or more aspects of your vehicle. It can include any part or parts of the car or truck, but it is something short of a complete restoration.

The goal of a typical partial restoration is to take a vehicle that has been sitting a long time, get it running and freshen it up. This usually involves four main areas:

  1. Engine - Basic tune-up to improve performance (plugs, points, condensers, timing, etc). Sometimes more repairs are needed.

  2. Suspension - There are two options here: (1) We will inspect the suspension and steering components, and replace bushings, bearings, springs and shocks as needed. Or (2), if the customer prefers, we will completely update the suspension with modern components; the car or truck will ride and handle better.

  3. Brakes - Some shops will flush old brake systems, rebuild the cylinders, and install new pads. However, we have found that old braking systems are frequently contaminated with rust and other compounds. Our standard is to install completely new braking systems for safety reasons.

  4. Exterior - Remove old paint. Repair dents and dings. Cut out any rust that we find, and weld in new steel. New paint and rechrome. Possibly new wheels and tires.

These steps will bring your car back to life. Your actual project will depend on the shape of your car, how much you want to spend, your desired final outcome, and what we discover during the project. 

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